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Aerated Concrete Equipment Upgrades
- Jan 19, 2017 -

1. turn cutting machine
For to turned cutting machine General exists of billet body crosscutting upper and lower varies article line caused double eyelid phenomenon, brick surface not smooth tolerance larger, longitudinal cut caused of billet body settlement crack, collapse side and cutting machine occupied space height high, disadvantages, company used new of concept, crosscutting frame removed hydraulic lifting, used somersault lifting, increased fixed column oriented device, added long cutting machine frame, improved cutting wire Zhang tight method, increased double swing achieved wire cross reciprocating saw-like swing, Improved swing swing and developed a new generation of frequency measures, cutting machine, effectively solve the phenomenon, after hundreds of clients transform practice, reflects very well!
2. mixing and pouring machine
Mixing casting machine using one of the new generation double cross mixing blade guide cylinder system, shortening the mixing shaft, can significantly improve slurry mixing speed and evenness of finished products, wear-resistant and durable, reducing ingredient floor vibration and noise, greatly improving the quality of aerated concrete block!

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