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Brick Making Machine The Maintenance
- May 10, 2017 -

Brick Making Machine First, maintenance and maintenance reasons

Brick Making Machine Most of the brick machine in the sediment, gravel, rain and snow and other harsh environments, its technical situation must be faster than other machinery, the cooperation between parts will be varying degrees of loosening, wear, corrosion and scaling and other phenomena , Resulting in the nature of the joints, the relationship between the location of the parts and the coordination of institutional work will be affected to varying degrees, resulting in its power, economy, reliability and other performance indicators decline, and even cause machine accidents. Therefore, we must pay attention to the technical maintenance of Mianshaozhuanji.

Brick Making Machine Second, the maintenance work in the problem

In the actual work of the brick machine maintenance, often did not cause enough attention, mainly as follows:

Brick Making Machine 1, there is "repair repair" thinking. There is no technical maintenance plan, the machine often with "disease" homework, only when the machine can no longer work, only sent to repair.

Brick Making Machine 2, due to the harsh environmental conditions of the site restrictions, technical maintenance is not in accordance with the provisions of the maintenance "amount", but what is thinking about maintenance, what to see what maintenance.

Brick Making Machine 3, to participate in the maintenance of low quality personnel, can not follow the maintenance of the operating procedures, there is no corresponding maintenance records.

Brick Making Machine 4, in the relatively scarce funds, can not be on time maintenance, or the use of substandard oil and spare parts.

Brick Making Machine 5, in the duration of the time for the rush, not as scheduled maintenance, ignoring the operation of the machinery and forced operations.

Brick Making Machine Third, maintenance measures

Brick Making Machine The technical maintenance of the brick machine refers to a series of technical measures taken by the machine in order to make the machinery in a good state of technology, to ensure its reliability, to improve the working efficiency and prolong the service life.

Brick Making Machine 1, to clean, fastening, lubrication and adjustment based.

Brick Making Machine 2, the relevant periodic inspection and testing work.

Brick Making Machine 3, in strict accordance with the various types of machinery and equipment in the "use and maintenance manual" are clearly defined for maintenance.

Brick Making Machine 4, training professional brick maintenance personnel.

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