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Building Energy-saving Foam Blocks Where The Brick Advantage
- Jan 19, 2017 -

1, save land resources
Foam brick to achieve a raw material instead of the production are no longer destroyed fields on Earth, protecting the precious land resources in rural areas.
2, for comprehensive utilization of waste provides an effective way to
Foam block brick production using less or no natural resources of raw materials, extensive use of industrial and agricultural waste and domestic waste, provides an effective way for the comprehensive utilization of waste: use foam block brick building walls are removed, scrap foam block bricks recycling can be achieved, will not become waste polluting the environment.
3, and production and using achieved has double energy-saving reduced greenhouse gas emissions through improved process and increased holes rate, bubble block brick achieved has production energy of significantly reduced, save has production with can; bubble block brick for energy-saving building reduced has buildings of using energy, buildings in up dozens of years even full Centennial above of whole building using period within, can long-term, and effective to save life with can, reduced has carbon dioxide and the other greenhouse gas of emissions.
4, protection of the environment
Foam block brick production compared to traditional solid brick production, achieve less emissions, waste, waste water and foam brick to achieve a production alternative to raw materials, consumption of urban and industrial wastes, reducing environmental pollution and destruction of the wastes.

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