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Cement Foam Insulation Board-an Expert At Both Fire Protection And Insulation
- Jan 19, 2017 -

Cement foam insulation boards are using powder or foam curing fly ash generated density light, independent, closed-cell insulation material. The obturator as it was inorganic materials cement foam insulation Board, low thermal conductivity, insulation function stability; does not absorb water, water vapor permeability is small; has excellent resistance to high and low temperature performance and durability high strength, light weight, small deformation; do not burn, does not corrode; cut to facilitate construction; can be made of color materials, landscaping features. Available with grass-roots firmly bonding polymer cement mortar.
Cement foam insulation boards are both insulation and thermal insulation materials, can adapt to a range of cryogenic to high temperature and so on. Meanwhile its importance lies not only in long-term use will not degenerate, and itself play a role in fire-proof, shock-proof. Low temperature deep cold, underground engineering, combustible and explosive when used in harsh environments, moisture and chemical erosion, safe, reliable, and durable, used the term for more than 50 years.
Compared with the current insulation materials used in the construction, cement foam insulation Board has a unique characteristic, for roofing, can form a permanent insulation layer, and, due to their excellent weatherability, particularly suitable for inverted roof thermal insulation layer. After using polymer cement mortar bonding and caulking, can form a complete waterproofing layer, plays a role. When used in external walls can be pastes with polymer cement mortar construction, such as the use of thermal insulation decorative one, both play a role in thermal insulation, and can be used as decorative material, is a good way to serve several purposes.

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