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Cement Foam Insulation Board And More Used In The Field Of Architecture
- Jan 19, 2017 -

With the gradually increasing of building fire rating, application of cement foam insulation boards in the construction sector has been recognized by experts, the near future will become the leading thermal insulating materials for construction materials. Building with cement foam insulation Board, used in construction of its specification must conform to the standards JC/T2200-2013, using a density of more than 150 kg/m3, and natural hydrophobic properties.
Roof thermal insulation layer
1, material selection. ① high density cement foam insulation Board. ② adhesive. ③ anti-crack mortar.
2, the construction method: clean up the slab from dust and touch remover. Cement foam insulation boards for core processing. Method of viscosity or viscosity, heat shield, scrape adhesive mortars, insulation board passers in the slab at the top, making it smooth and tight. And then scraping mortar crack outside.
Second, the facades of buildings fire belt
If the building fa?ade using b-grade materials as insulation material, width along the floor position you want, the level of not less than 300 mm fire belt.
1, material: hydrophobic cement foam insulation Board. Same thickness as the insulation material thickness.
2, the construction method: ① internal-large-formwork construction technology for construction. II construction of outer wall heat preservation measure can be taken. May refer to the DB11/T1079-2014 of external thermal insulation for construction.

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