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Empty Drums Of Aerated Concrete Block Problem Solving Methods
- Jan 19, 2017 -

1. improving the surface properties, strengthen the mortar and concrete block, bonding of gas equipment. Aerated concrete block interface agents, brushing with a surface of block so that it blocks the surface, forming a new surface. New surface water absorption rate is very small, with very high strength, wall plastering mortar water easily absorbs and hydration of cement in mortar in order to improve the bond strength of mortar strength and wall.
2. suitable for mixing mortar in masonry mortar kiln, using high-grade mortar wall cracking problems will arise, masonry mortar joints should be full in the process.
3. modified mortars close to ensure the expansion coefficient of mortar, and block both by reducing the volume weight of mortar, reducing the strength of mortar, mortar and thermal properties of aerated concrete block difference decreases, achieve the goal of reducing tensile stress. Increasing proportion of coarse sand, medium sand in mortar, you can reduce the water absorption and drying shrinkage of mortar.
4. before the wall base surface treatment must be to deal with the interface between two different materials gap. When using 10MM-square wire mesh reinforcement, to crack as the Center on each side 100m, fixed with mortar crack.

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