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Foamed Concrete Block
- Jan 19, 2017 -

Eco-friendly concrete compared with traditional building materials, higher strength, durability and stronger to meet the structure on the mechanical properties, use more comprehensive function and meet the requirements of length of service. Coordination and environment-friendly concrete with natural, giving to create a comfortable and healthy environment, reduce pollution and destruction of the natural environment, achieving the sustainable use of resources. While the use of environment-friendly concrete has a good function, improved energy efficiency, provide people with convenient and comfortable and warm environment. Environment-maximum saving of concrete cement, reduction of wastes arising from the production of cement such as sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide and other damage to the nature. Environmental type concrete into has advanced of cement production technology, used has modern of production process, improve has resources of using rate and two times energy recovery, achieved has resources of cycle using, technology and equipment strengthening has environmental measures, in ensure quality management system of premise Xia, implementation environmental protection guarantees system, in is big degree Shang reduced has dust, and exhaust, and waste, pollutants of emissions, maximum may of achieved has zero emissions and 0 against, and makes waste, and waste to cycle using, maximum of improved environment.

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