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Forklift Truck The Hydraulic System Of The Technical Requirements
- May 10, 2017 -

Forklift Truck Forklift as a flexible and flexible means of transport, in the port, railways, warehouses, freight yard and other goods transport, storage sites, play an increasingly important role in the quality of its hydraulic system directly affect the quality of forklift work performance and efficiency The

Forklift hydraulic control system in the transmission parts in the rated load, rated speed range should not appear crawling, stagnation and obvious impulse phenomenon;

Forklift Truck Multi-way valve shell without cracks, leakage; good performance and reliable performance; load curve, hydraulic control nameplate should be complete fresh;

Forklift Truck Hydraulic control system within the oil pressure should meet the design requirements, the tank oil level shall not be lower than the oil level indicator oil line;

Forklift Truck Hydraulic control system piping should be smooth, sealed well, no oil leakage phenomenon.

Forklift Truck Hydraulic distributor generally use the overall type, the shell should be no cracks, no leakage;

Forklift Truck Compression spring should be intact, when the external force should be able to eliminate the stem quickly reset;

Forklift Truck Stem and valve seat should be a good, no leakage phenomenon, the operating handle should have a certain strength and rigidity, the surface smooth, smooth, no deformation; when the external force on the handle when the hydraulic distributor should be able to quickly open or cut off Oil, so that the cylinder piston up, stay, reset, and reliable positioning, not shaking the joystick due to vibration. The liquid distributor should have a metal nameplate and sign.

Forklift Truck Safety valve action sensitive, good performance and reliable performance, in the overload of 25% should be fully open, adjust the bolts should be fully tightened nuts; operating handle positioning accuracy and reliability, not due to vibration and displacement; adjust the bolt nut must Complete, and not free to twist. Forklift trucks generally use spring-type safety valve.

Forklift Truck Lifting, tilting cylinders should be sealed well, no cracks and leaks. Tilting cylinder should be able to flexibly and reliably tilt the gantry; the lifting cylinder can lift the tool and its weight smoothly, support the weight, the cylinder plunger retraction can not be greater than 3mm; tilt cylinder and mast, frame Hinge should be reliable, flexible, with the gap should not be too large; lifting cylinder and mast connection should be solid; cylinder should be sealed well, no cracks, work smoothly, under the rated load, within 10min mast self- Inclination of not more than 0.5 °, full load when the lifting speed of not less than half of the standard value.

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