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Future Rate Of Cement Foam Insulation Board Insulation 50%
- Jan 19, 2017 -

Experts, the cement foam insulation Board not only has good thermal insulation, nonflammable, sound insulation, and green, environmental protection, energy saving and other effects are best alternative to harmful insulation materials currently on the market. Of organic insulation, especially in the policy after he managed to cement foam insulation board entered a rapid phase of development.
Well-known Research Institute of building engineers noted that the cement foam insulation boards more obvious comprehensive advantages, such as thinning, thermal insulation effect is also very good, so cement foam insulation board industry has a bright future.
At present, the cement foam insulation board thermal insulation materials has been the State of industry and information technology Department include green building materials engineering. In the planning of future development of building material industry in China, and cement foam insulation Board will reach insulation application rate of about 50%, and China's current market share is less than 10%, cement foam insulation board with good performance will win better development in the future.

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