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History Of Development Of The Foamed Concrete Block
- Jan 19, 2017 -

Bubble concrete block as added gas concrete of new process products, can drift in water Shang middle of stomatal, makes this material became is light-and called light brick, and light wall; also makes this material can block voice-and called noise brick, and across sound brick; because material in the contains large of air-and called for added gas brick, and added gas block; while, this material has good of insulation insulation performance-and called insulation brick, and energy-saving brick; most main of is, it is with concrete made of, has is high of strength, So the name of foamed concrete block-block.
Based on its good properties, is widely used as a building wall materials. Foam concrete blocks are siliceous materials (sand, such as fly ash and silica-containing tailings) and calcareous materials (lime, cement) as the main raw material, adding foaming agents (aluminum), after adding water, formed by the chemical reaction the pores, through casting, concrete curing, cutting, curing process made of porous silicate products.
Higher resource utilization of foam concrete blocks at the same time to contribute to the living environment of mankind, also provides its producers with a wide margin.
Foamed concrete block with low energy consumption (including production, transport and use of energy consumption energy consumption), extensive use of fly ash and FGD gypsum, industrial waste, tailings sand, in line with the development of circular economy strategy.

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