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Mixer The Type
- May 10, 2017 -

Mixer 1. There are two types of operation and continuous operation according to the way of operation.

Mixer Circulation operation of the feed, mixing, unloading three processes are carried out according to a certain period of time interval, that is, by mixing system.

Mixer As the mixing of various materials have been accurately weighed, so the mixing quality is good. Most of this type of operation is currently used.

Mixer The above three processes of continuous operation are carried out continuously in a longer cylinder. Although the productivity is higher than that of the circulation operation, it is difficult to control the stirring time due to the mixing ratio of each material, so that the stirring quality is poor. Currently using less.

Mixer 2 by mixing the way points from the fall-type mixing, forced mixing two.

Mixer Since the fall mixer is to mix the mixture in a rotating mixing drum, with the rotation of the mixing drum, the drum of the leaves to raise the mixture to a certain height, and then rely on their own free to fall off. This is done again and again until you mix well. This mixer is usually mixed with plastic and semi-plastic concrete.

Mixer The forced mixer is a stirrer, and the blades are forced to stir by the rotating shafts in the drum. This mixer mix good quality, high production efficiency; but the power consumption is large, and the blade wear fast. Generally applicable to mixing dry hard concrete.

Mixer 3 according to the device is divided into fixed and mobile two.

Mixer The fixed mixer is installed on a pre-prepared basis, the machine can not move. It is bulky and productive. Used for mixing plants or mixing stations.

Mobile mixer itself has a driving wheel, and small size, light weight, so good motor performance. Applied to small and medium-sized temporary works.

Mixer 4 out of the way for the dumping and non-tilting two.

Mixer Tilting the dumping of the discharge by the mixing drum, rather than tilting the drum by reversing the discharge.

Mixer 5 According to the different shape of the mixing drum, there are five types of pear type, drum type, double cone type, vertical shaft type and circular groove horizontal shaft type. The first three kinds of self-falling from the mixing; the latter two for the forced mixing, less domestic use.

Mixer 6 according to the mixing capacity of a large (discharge capacity of 1000 ~ 3000L), medium (discharge capacity of 300 ~ 500L) and small (discharge capacity of 50 ~ 250L).

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