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Ou Fu Equipment How To Create High Quality Lightweight Partition Board
- Jan 19, 2017 -

1. the material. Lightweight wall panels use of lightweight composite structures, and material with cement and fly ash components, such as straw, wood chips, keel, different matching led light strips of raw material density, fire insulation properties and effects on the variance. Recommends that the contractors building the consumer-related requirements and standards for selection.
2. the class difference. Light partition Board products are becoming more and more popular, there are many differences between different categories, these differences will directly influence the cost, effectiveness and application requirements. Sheet metal class, block and brick class as the three main product categories, each category has more detailed standards and requirements for different products, some of which are the State encourages the development of, and some countries have limited or eliminated product.
3. Programme and construction. After you determine the categories, types of lightweight wall Board, a detailed programme and strict construction becomes the key factor influencing the final result. Manufacturers recommend regular light wall plate to ensure program perfect and detailed as possible, while the construction process is strictly, to ensure maximum light panels product overall effect.

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