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Widely Used Foam Concrete Insulation Board In Exterior Wall Thermal Insulation
- Jan 19, 2017 -

Foam concrete insulation Board compared with other insulation materials with non-toxic, heat well, low cost, light weight, simple technology, such as main advantages:
1, no toxicity. Foam insulation is used as the raw material is an inorganic mineral materials, even under the conditions of high temperature burning it does not generate, emit toxic substances.
2, good thermal insulation. Wall insulation board production equipment for foam concrete insulation foam concrete cement foam insulation Board uses a unique technology--"special thickening kiln", distribute the cement pores and mixing mix thoroughly, insulation board pores and independent of each other to form a vacuum, heat preservation performance is good, after 1300 ℃ high temperature products are perfectly preserved.
Widely used foam concrete insulation Board in exterior wall thermal insulation
3, low cost. Foam insulation is used as raw material costs only about 1/6 of other materials.
4, light weight. Light foam concrete insulation is used as raw material, processing and transportation costs, and contribute to, while reducing wear and can reduce hardware requirements.

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